Our Bi-parting system is a surface mounted system that is either inside the hallway or room. The optional synchronized feature allows both doors to open and close simultaneously.  The Track system is pre-assembled  for an easy installation


Door and Hardare Options

  • Universal Pre-Assembled Track set to the Clear Opening
  • Quad 1 ¼” Ball Bearing Roller & Guides
  • Independent Soft-Closers that are removable without removing or readjusting the door
  • Trigger Arm that is built into the roller guide assembly
  • Custom Heavy-Duty Brackets
  • Heavy-Duty Door Stops
  • Active Safety Features
  • Anti-Vibration Hardware
  • 300-pound load capacity per door
  • Seamless Door Pocket
  • Over 150,000 cycle Tested Soft Closers
  • ADA Compliant
  • Ability to match Hinge Doors
  • Aluminum Stile & Rail Doors
  • Wood Stile & Rail Doors
  • Laminates
  • Barn Doors
  • Fits  1 3/4″ Doors
  • Acrovyn and VT
  • 8″ to 72″ Pulls
  • Flush pulls 

ADA Sliding Door Solutions™ prides ourselves on delivering Sliding Door Solutions that don’t compromise Design, Performance or your Budget.

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