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  • Understanding the Basics of Sliding Doors

    Benefits, Options, and Obstacles of Sliding Doors– Introduction

    Why are sliding doors so popular in the medical and commercial industry?  Are all sliding doors created equal?

    Sliding doors have been around for some time and within the last 5-7 years they have gained popularity.  We are seeing them used in a variety of commercial and medical settings, some of which include:

    • Hospitals/Exam Rooms
    • Urgent Care Offices
    • Veterinary Installations
    • Government Buildings
    • Conference Settings

    Conservation of Space

    There are several reasons for their popularity, with the first and foremost being the Space Saving qualities. Sliding doors require a very small amount of floor space while satisfying the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Sliding doors, however, do require an overlap. The larger the overlap the more space is required for the opening and door leaf. This in turn requires more space and is costly. Our system uses a 6” overlap, the smallest in the industry.  We can provide a 42” clear opening out of a 48” door leaf, which is a huge saving with regards to cost and time.

    When using a sliding, door as compared to a hinged door, you have the potential to conserve 15-30 square feet of programable space.  This conservation of square footage allows the project team to take advantage of the increase in dollars per square foot in any given setting (Figure 1). 


    Acoustic & Air Infiltration

    In addition to space savings, acoustics and air infiltration are an important part of sliding door success.  Enhanced acoustic ratings are achieved by adding an automatic drop down and rated gaskets around the perimeter of the jamb and along the inside of the trailing edge of the door. 

    What You Can Expect In Upcoming Posts:

    This blog thread will explore all of the different sliding door components and options that must be considered when choosing a system. Join us on our journey breaking down the: Benefits, Options, and Obstacles of Sliding Doors!

    Upcoming Posts:

    • Soft Closers
    • Rollers
    • Trigger Arms
    • Door Stops
    • Brackets
    • Active Safety Features
    • Pre-Assembled Tracks


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  • Space Saving Solutions

    When designing your next project, consider using a sliding door. Our MedicalSlideTM and CommercialSlideTM are the perfect space-saving solution.

    When it comes to sliding doors, we know you have a choice. Choose the one with independent soft closers and ball-bearing rollers & guides.

  • ADA Sliding Door Solutions

    Today’s sliding door industry needs to be conscious of the environmental factors that affect the health of our populations.
    We have made great strives to accommodate such changes:
    • Antimicrobial doors, track and hardware
    • Prevention of air and smoke infiltration
    • Higher acoustic standards
    • Active safety features

    To learn more please contact us at info@adaslidingdoorsolutions.com

    Most importantly we hope everyone is safe and healthy!