PocketSlide™ Sliding Door System

Our PocketSlideTM system is an under-mount system that is in the cavity of the wall NOT in the hallway or room. Our PocketSlideTM system slides into the wall and is concealed when open. The PocketSlideTM system fits a 1 ¾” door and is used when there is no room for a hinged or sliding door. The track is pre-assembled for easy installation.


Door and Hardware Options

  • Universal Pre-Assembled Track set to the Clear Opening
  • Quad 1 ¼” Ball Bearing Roller & Guides
  • Independent Soft-Closers that are removable without removing or readjusting the door
  • Trigger Arm that is built into the roller guide assembly
  • Custom Heavy-Duty Brackets
  • Heavy-DutyDoor Stops
  • Active Safety Features
  • Anti-Vibration Hardware
  • 300-pound load capacity per door
  • Over 150,000 cycle Tested Soft Closers
  • Ability to match Hinge Doors
  • Aluminum Stile & Rail Doors
  • Wood Stile & Rail Doors
  • Laminates
  • Barn Doors
  • Fits  1 3/4″ Doors
  • Acrovyn and VT
  • 8″ to 72″ Pulls
  • Flush pulls