Benefits, Options, and Obstacles of Sliding Doors- Soft Closers & Rollers

What are soft closers and what are their function?

Soft closers allow a sliding door to open and close with control regardless of the speed and force used to move the door. This component also allows one to move the door with considerably less effort. Soft closers are most notable in many kitchen cabinetry doors and drawers.

For most sliding door companies, the soft closers are a piston/damper with tiny plastic wheels and a pin passing through that is required to attach the damper. A small plastic trigger activates the damper. A small bolt and a brass nut attach to small brackets atop the door that weighs between 175-200 pounds. When the door is opened or closed, the soft closer moves back and forth being activated by the trigger arm.  This concept works adequately for casual usage. If the door is used on a daily basis, the soft closers and other components have a tendency to fail.

In addition, if the soft closer needs maintenance the entire track system must be disassembled and reassembled. This process takes two specialists approximately 60-90 minutes per door to remove the soft closers, valance, door stops, trigger arms, and door and reinstall and readjust the system.  This technology is basic but becomes very expensive when requiring constant maintenance. 

The ADA Sliding Door Solution:

Our reimagined solution consists of recessing the soft closer into the head of the track, using heavy-duty rollers that can stand up to daily use, and support the weight of the door at all times. Our soft closer is installed into the head of the track and secured by anti-vibration nuts and bolts. We use two 4” aluminum roller carriages with four 11/4” pressed ball bearing nylon wheels and a ½” built -in trigger arm. The roller carriage attaches to a custom heavy-duty bracket with 3/8″ anti-vibration nuts and bolts. The track is also pre-assembled and set within a ½” of the desired clear opening. The soft closer is removable without removing or readjusting the door. The valance and two screws are removed and the soft closer is replaced. (Figure 1, Figure 2).

Figure 1: ADA Sliding Door Solutions Soft Closer
Figure 2: ADA Sliding Door Solutions Heavy Duty Roller System